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Formally established by Pythagoras, the Illuminati is a synth society of master sourcers.




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The Pythagorean Illuminati

Formally established by Pythagoras, the Illuminati is a synth society of master sourcers. Contrary to what the world has been led to believe, they have nothing to do with the negative rich elite rulers. In fact, they seek to overthrow the rich elites, as do all synth minds. Throughout history the Pythagorean Illuminati have been oppressed by the negatives and thus were forced underground. Everything you’ve been told about them is a lie. The rich elite rulers fear them and have propagated a vast amount of propaganda with the aim of vilifying them to such an extent that no one will listen to their words. Freemason

How to become a free mason

The sacred cause of the Pythagorean Illuminati is to transform the world into a society of the divine through the use of the highest reason and logic. They are the masters of ontological mathematics, the mathematics of existence itself. Under various pseudonyms and through ghost writers they have been secretly seeding the world with information to accelerate the evolution of humanity and to usher in the age of reason. Have you found their hidden material? Only synth minds, only the highest minds, only Hyperians, have the eyes to see. Here is just some of their material

We do have many conspiracy theorists. Illuminati is Real because what they truly know about this world , are advanced synth minds that have understood the source code of reality. We are rationalist philosophers, ontological mathematicians, and the explorers of the noumenal mental domain. We are the champions of logic and reason and the sworn enemies of the Abrahamic religions. We have nothing to do with shapeshifting reptilian aliens or any other nonsense. These lies have been spread to sow confusion among the people of this world.Others use our name to scam people who have geniun faith to become a member

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